Dakar Yoga Substitution

Welcome Fidelia!

Dear Yogis,
I’m very excited to introduce Fidelia to you! She has lead the Wild Woman Wisdom retreat with me this year in May and is now back to cover my classes for the next two month, during maternity leave. She is quite the shapeshifter like me, coming from a background of dance and occupational therapy, blossoming into a wonderful yoga teacher.

I will teach my last class (for this year) today on Tuesday Nov. 28th as Fidelia has arrived last night and needs one day to adjust 😉 As of tomorrow Wednesday the 29th Fidelia will teach all classes until further notice.

She will teach a 9AM morning yoga class on Thursdays and offer a Weekly Somatic Practice on Thursdays at 19:00 instead of the vinyasa class with changing topics. This is a class where you can get to know your body through many different approaches: movement, voice, body work. We have had an amazing time with her at the retreat exploring our bodies, minds and souls with tools other than asana, pranayama and meditation, so this will be very exciting as well! See full schedule below!

If you have any questions for Fidelia you can send her an email: fidelutterbeck@hotmail.com

Hopefully my next email will contain a picture of our latest family member 😉

Thank you for staying in the practice ❤
Lots of love


“Traditional Hatha Yoga & Mindful Movement”
with Fidelia

Hatha Yoga is about balancing our lunar and solar sides. The prolonged holding of Asanas (yoga poses) allows us to become aware of our physical and subtle bodies, which opens up the access to the different energy centers.  We also practice basic techniques of Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Meditation to round off the practice.Yoga gives us the opportunity to turn inward to discover a place of peace and stillness. I invite you to find this place through a deeper connection to your body and to let this awareness permeate your life on and off the mat.
Weekly Somatic Practice contains various approaches and techniques. We will explore perception on a deeper level, using elements of bodywork, voice and movement research. In other words: We will discover the joy of having a body.


Fidelia ( Berlin/ Lisbon )  is a performance artist, holistic body practitioner and yoga teacher.  She combines her artistic practice with alternative healing methods. She shares her knowledge through various movement-based somatic approaches, including contact improvisation and voice work.  She is following the Somatic Movement Educator Program of Body-Mind Centering® and is a certified Traditional Tantra Hatha Yoga teacher (RYT 200).



TUE 19:00: Hatha Yoga – Level 2

WED 19:00: Hatha Yoga – Level 1

THU 9:00 Hatha Yoga – All Levels

THU 19:00: Weekly Somatic Practice – All Levels

Sign-up via: http://signup.com/go/KCF6sw


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