Yoga in Englischer Garten


Come and join us for practicing yoga in nature´s embrace in the Englischer Garten.

Making Movement a Meditation

Hatha Yoga is about balancing our solar and lunar qualities.
* Ha* means sun: acticity, yang, warmth
*tha* moon: receptivity, ying, cooling

The prolonged holding (up to 2 min ) of Asanas allows us to become aware of our physical and subtle bodies, which opens up the access to the different energy centers and its qualities.
Basic techniques of Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Meditation will support our practice.
Yoga gives us the opportunity to turn inward to discover a place of balance, peace and stillness.
I invite you to find this place through a deeper connection to your body and to let this awareness permeate your life on and off the mat.

Fidelia is a Hatha Yoga teacher, dancer, performance artist and occupational therapist. She currently follows the Somatic Movement Education Program of Body-Mind-Centering®.
Giving workshops and retreats around the world, she is dedicating her work on creating wholeness and celebrating life in all it`s curiosities.

Following you have a doodle document to register for the sessions you want to join.
minimum 2 people per session

Meeting Point is on top of Monopteros im Englischen Garten, from there we will walk down to the place where we practice on the lawn.

To Bring:
Comfy Pants & Yogamat & if needed pillow
Donationbased > Suggested Pricing 10-15,-

Registrations/ Questions.
If you have any wishes for different time slots let me know!

Looking forward practicing with you ♥
Love Fidelia


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