Somatic Exploration


Connecting with oneself through dance, yoga, movement, touch and voice gives me a key to feel myself, to calm down, giving a sense of security and home.

The body is a palace where you can come back to at any moment. If you are more in your body, you are more in your center and it allows you to yield into life, relationships and in your heart space.

My wish is to accompany you, to find your personal key to this palace of infinite wonders, inspiring you to live in an embodied way.

The exploration sessions content various approaches, also depending on the needs of participants and proposal of each research session.

  • partner exercise & bodywork
  • researching qualities of touch
  • discovering voice as a tool of expression & as another limb of the body
  • exploration of senses & perception
  • studying anatomical contents
  • breathing, moving, improvising

Currently I am following the Somatic Movement Educator Program of Body-Mind Centering® which also influences my work.

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Voice & Movement

Experiencing your embodied Voice.

The Voice is a powerful tool for healing and expression. I work from a soft place: it is not about forcing the voice to do anything – the Voice already knows everything. 

In these explorations I propose to detach the Voice from the idea of it serving just as a tool for speaking, we want to experience the voice as inscribed into the body, as an inspiring element and a movement generating force. You will be invited to entrust and surrender with the Voice and Body, to embody strength and vulnerability, allowing the presence of intimacy. You will move, shake, perceive and resonate with spaces in and out, bodywork and journey

Senses & Perception

Journey to the Senses. In the perception sessions we want to explore the different senses: touch & movement, hearing, smelling, tasting.

We will explore indoors as well as outdoors, theoretically and practically, as an embryo an das an adult, in stillness as well as in movement.

This sessions invite you consciously connect and remind yourself with the gift of perceiving.